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PS3 Emulator With BIOS ( 7/11/2014 Updated)

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PS3 Emulator has been updated!

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- Now the UI doesnt freeze when you change games -
– Added suport for all region games -
– Few small bugfixes

We also made a special email for user who want to report any bugs they come across

The playstation 3 is the 3rd generation console in the PlayStation series from Sony Computer Entertainment. The console came out in 16 may 2005, it is the successor of the ps2. The PS3 uses a Cell microprocessor with 3.2 GHz and a Ram of 256 MB. If you are a gamer but you dont have a playstation 3 then you are going to need an ps3 emulator So you can play playstation 3 games on your PC to emulate these games. This emulator is also compatible with PS1 & PS2, You are also able to play diffident kind of region games. Keep reading if you want to find out more about the emulator and how to use it.

The best emulator out there for Windows, and the first PS3 emulator to play non home brew games! This emulator project started back in 2011 and the first beta version 1.0 got released 11/04/2012. Using this emulator you can play original & copied Blu-ray’s, you can also play games from ISO files (disk image) If you have experience with other emulators you can easily use this one. Simply drag and drop a game on the emulator “.exe” and the game will automatically load. You can also just open the emulator go to File>Open> and navigate to your game If you use a Blu-ray then just select “From Blu-ray” instead of From File. Because of legal issues we are not able to add the PS3 Bios files with the emulator. If you want to download games(blue-ray) disk images you can use torrent sites like thepiratebay etc.


System Requirements: (Note: these heavily depend on the game you play, but this should give you an estimate)


* OS: 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) or Mac OS
* CPU: Dual Core i3 3.0GHz or equivalent processor
* RAM: 4 GB
* HDD: 6 GB
* Graphics: 512 MB card

Recommended (will run 50-60fps)

* OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP (32 or 64 bit) or Mac OS
* CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
* RAM: 4 GB
* HDD: 6 GB free disk spacedownload1 300x99 PS3 Emulator Download Free 2014
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  1. Alex says:

    Thank for your emulator, thank!

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    thank you for your emu, it work well for me

  3. Carl says:

    I downloaded the new ps3 emulator and playing, yeah

  4. demetre says:

    Thank you, work well for me

  5. landlord says:

    good guy

  6. Pratik says:

    Is the bios included in this download

  7. Rangga says:

    thank for the bios

  8. Edward-Wang says:

    can you send the password, to my email.
    thanks before

  9. jay says:

    hello do you know how to download god of war 3? i really liked that game :)

  10. rosalie says:

    Can anyone please just tell me the password? I just cant download it, completing surveys wont open my download links. Please, its my only hope…

  11. Angga says:

    :( can you email me the password?

  12. Ps3 says:

    Pleaase.. i really want the code to unrar i don´t have enought money to buy the ps3 please can u send me the pass to mail really thx :)

  13. gamezone says:

    Please, can you send me the password to my email?

  14. MilkyWayz1 says:

    This is really impressive work, I applaud you :)

    But will you send me the password please ?
    Thanks in advance :)

  15. Emildanmark says:

    I cant find the txt download url can someone send it to me?

  16. lolwut says:

    Impresive work indeed!
    BTW could you send me the password?
    The survey didn’t really work well with my country.

  17. fant18 says:

    yeah, at the end, i downloaded password :) and now i’m playing Assassin’s Creed

  18. JoeBuster says:

    I ve downloaded and it worked. To anyone who cannot complete survey, just use ccleaner to clear cookies and if survey require email, use a new gmail ( i think so)

  19. wesker000 says:

    THank you! i ve download it, some difficulty on downloading with survey! but password work . now i can play naruto ultimate ninja haha! thank

  20. fikas says:

    Please send me the password.

  21. Ficho says:

    Send Me please the password to my e-mail i need for red dead redemption

  22. Amanshu says:

    How can i download it only download bios

  23. iwantitall says:

    can you send me the password to my email.?

  24. priyadarshan says:

    i want 2 play wwe 13 on pc…cnt buy ps3 :P

  25. aleksey says:

    please send me password to ny email:

  26. NB says:

    hello, can i get the password thru email?

  27. conan says:

    Can you send the password to my e-mail please?

    • Admin says:

      i ve bought it from a coder, so, i want to share here to everyone, but, you know, nothing is barely free, you just complete a short survey to get a free ps3 at home! Regard!

  28. Memey says:

    i ve download it and work very well, but i cant complete the survey to take the password :(
    can u send the password to my email please sir .. thanks before :)

  29. Johe H says:

    send me password,because can’t download

  30. Shehan says:


    Can you guys pls send me the password for my email

    because this survey is not working for sri lanka.. :( :(

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    Pls give me the password because survey not working in india.

  32. D3emon says:

    what is password?? PS3 Emulator

  33. francesco says:

    can you give me the password for the rar file please

  34. Awasome says:

    Can someone mail the password to get the PS3 emulator working? it says i have to complete survery and there is non

  35. Awasome says:


  36. imtiyaz says:

    Can someone mail the password to get the PS3 emulator working? it says i have to complete survery and there is nothing

  37. Ace says:

    I need the Passwort but Cleanfiles sucks on Germany.

  38. matteo says:

    the surveys doesn’t works

  39. francesco says:

    password bios please

  40. Sirius says:

    why is there password can you please sedn it to my email thanx in advance:)

  41. Yudha says:

    Please send me password, I can’t download the password, can u send it to me by email * :D

  42. Yudha says:

    Because show, “Sorry this campaign is not avaliable in your country” this why?

  43. Yudha says:

    please help me i want play ps3 in my notebook, send password please :(

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    hi, could you please send me the password? it’s not available for my country :( plss

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    i cant get the password, someone please send me ?
    “Sorry this campaign is not avaliable in your country”

    please help me

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